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Moons are crying
Tears of deep, rose-red.
Crystal crimson droplets
Falling upon this world.

Can you hear it?
The screeching of moons crying.
It sounds like a
Haunting melody of demolition.

Waking stars
Drip red with misery,
Crying along
With twin moons.

The world is dead.
Buildings lie in ruin,
Cracking, Breaking,
Embraced in slumber.

A single figure
Sits on a dying pillar.
Hands over face,
Shivering and alone.

Water rises,
Muffling the city
With icy stone,
Cold and fear.

One lone reflection
On still water
Looks back at itself,
Its only self.

If you gave a name
To that feeling,
What name
Would be suitable?

An insect crushed
By darkness looming,
Just before reaching
That realm of light.

The world is wrapped
In unforgiving chains
Quivering with excitement
In eternal night.

One lost figure,
The lamb of
Mankind's dreams,
Trembles and cries.

The only remembrance
Of this world.
Soon enough,
No memory left at all.

Spiders lurk nearby,
Silent and waiting.
Knitting webs clutching
The entire earth.

The figure cloaked
In shadows and light,
Hugs itself,

Tears cannot stop
The tapestry of time.
White rose petals fall,
Dance on destruction.

Of Man.
Foolish, useless,
Destined to fall.

Darkness rises,
Stains their steps.
Erodes the very light
They yearn for.

Last threads
Fall in place.
Mourning shrouds
Embrace the earth.

Clocks continue ticking
To the end.
One still left,
One still left.

One single lamb
Stands in ruin.
Looking up at the
Weeping night.

Moons are crying
Tears darker than dead roses.
Crying, crying,
For the only one left.
Something I wrote a few years ago, and edited one year ago, and now uploaded. Hurraaayy...

This was actually inspired by the scene in D. Gray-Man when Lenalli was crying and sitting by herself on a broken structure of some sort, and was surrounded by broken structures of some sort, and everyone was dead. Oh, and it was flooded.

MoyashiGirl Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I love it :)
TheForgottenKing Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
Aww, thanks~~~ :heart:
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February 11, 2012
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